What is The Space to Breathe Collective? 

The mission of The Space to Breathe Collective is to provide a platform, both physical and virtual, from which independent wellness providers of Leicester and Leicestershire can better reach, know, and serve the community and facilitate the integration of and access to an unbounded diversity of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual caregivers and modalities.

Who is the collective? 

We are independent yoga teachers, counsellors and wellbeing providers who want to offer our services to people in Leicester and Leicestershire. 

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What is the collective for? 

We will work together to give people the chance to take time out of their busy lives, on a daily basis for an hour or so, or for longer periods of time, for example on retreats. We want to make it easier for people to access ways that could contribute to them feeling better. 

How are we working? The collective works by providing a physical (our dedicated space on Rawson Street) and virtual (www.spacetobreathecollective.co.uk) place to bring people together to be able to find activities and resources which contribute to people’s wellbeing.  In practice this means initially developing a website which offers yoga teachers a place to tell others about their classes to provide people in Leicester/shire with the opportunity to be able to practice a range of yoga every day of the week at different times of the year.  

People can be as involved with the collective as they want to be.  We want to work collaboratively and make sure we really listen to what people want; although we know we can’t do everything that people want all the time. 

The Collective has been initially established as a small CiC. 

What do we want to do in the future? 

We would like to work towards creating a self-sustaining Cooperative Consortium.  

We will invest any profit made, into providing wellbeing opportunities to people who would not normally have that chance, for example, through outreach work.  

What’s in it for providers? This will be a chance for providers to work together to support each other and to plan opportunities to work together to create new projects together, bringing together yoga, counselling, alternative therapies and the outdoors.  

What’s in it for people who live in Leicester / shire? We will provide information about city and county opportunities to practice yoga with a variety of teachers, working with all kinds of people including, older people, teenagers, pregnant women, people with disabilities and people who have never done yoga before.

Our website will tell people about retreats they can go on either in the UK or further afield.

With a dedicated space there will be no monthly membership fees.  

What makes us different? We are working not for financial profit, but to create benefit for everyone involved with the collective. For example, if we fill many classes and cover running costs of the space, we will offer the rooms to providers for less and they will be able to offer their classes for less – everyone wins!

We will be shaped and guided by everyone involved with the collective.  

We work collaboratively, supporting each other.

Any other great ideas?  

Where possible, we will bring opportunities for people to come together to experience the positive effects of being in nature to practice therapy, yoga and spending time together. 

Our new yoga space opens on the 1st July

Our new yoga space opens on the 1st July