Earth Wheel Weekend

- connect to nature; connect to yourself.

Join us for a weekend in May to take time out, away from the hustle and bustle of life to think about seasons, change and how our life stories connect with ourselves, the people around us and the environment.  Work with an Earth Wheel to mindfully explore stages of our lives and how personal, social and objective realities are constructed, using Buddhist philosophy. 


earth wheel.jpg

What is an Earth Wheel?

Set your coordinates. Let North be embodied experience, encountering yourself, others and the world around you - this is old age and death. Let East be your thoughts connected to your actions, your rituals - this is conception. Let South be seeing and your empathy - this is birth and childhood. Let West be your emotions and your approach to life - this is adulthood. Where will you be drawn to, to spend your time and energy?

How does it work?

Working with an Earth Wheel gives us a chance to explore our personal, social and objective reality. Nature is the objective reality. In this way habits that have formed become clear and we can look at them from a distance. We can connect to the awe and wonder of nature, the earth and something greater than us as individuals. Inspired by our personal stories and experiences but linked to our ancestry and the web of our interconnectedness.

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What about the practicalities?

The group will be facilitated by two qualified person-centred practitioners. We’ll meet in Dartmoor on Friday and spend two nights at a campsite in a basic pod, or you can bring your own tent. The next morning we’ll head out on the moors to walk, think and work on our Earth Wheels.

Food, drink, materials, guided walks and group facilitation will be provided for the weekend, but you will have to bring suitable clothing, walking shoes and your own cup, bowl and fork.